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Jeannie Plays Matchmaker for Ashton-Mila Romance

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are today’s most exciting celebrity couple, and they may just have another sitcom legend to thank for their budding romance. Clarinda Eif-Fern, the real life inspiration for the… Continue reading

Pharmacist’s Spray Keeps the Monsters Away

A North Dakota pharmacist named Jeff Dodds and his daughter Josslyn, who work at Barrett Pharmacy in the Bakken oilfield boom town of Watford CIty have developed a monster repellent allowing young children… Continue reading

Underwear Gnome Behind Yale Laundry Attacks

Students at Yale University have spent the start of the semester afraid to launder their clothing because of a shady character terrorizing residential driers. In at least four September incidents, students at the… Continue reading

Dan Uggla’s Struggles Linked to Succubus

Three years ago, Dan Uggla was a rising Baseball star celebrating a multi million dollar contract. Today, the team that gave him that contract didn’t even leave a place for the former All Star… Continue reading

Stowaway Leprechaun Helps Avert Nuclear Disaster

Recently declassified documents reveal that on January 23, 1961, a simple low voltage switch and an heroic leprechaun were all that stood between the eastern coast of the United States and a nuclear… Continue reading

Cyclops Crew Helps Right Concordia

A construction crew of Cyclops has helped Italian engineers wrest the Costa Concordia off the reef on which it capsized. The salvage operation of the cruise liner which sank January 12, 2012 in… Continue reading

Ben Affleck uses Third Wish on Batman Role

Ben Affleck has used the final wish from his Genie, and Batman movie fans now have their leading man. On August 22, Warner Brothers announced that Affleck will be the next Caped Crusader; a character… Continue reading

UK Researchers Scratch the Surface

Scientists from the UK have discovered life under Antarctica’s Lake Hodgson throwing the local community of Ice-Mermen into a tizzy. A team of researchers led by David Pearce of the British Antarctic Survey… Continue reading