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Scientists Cure Alcoholic Worms

University of Texas scientists have developed mutant worms incapable of becoming intoxicated by alcohol; impressing their colleagues and upsetting their lab specimens. The researchers tested the effects of alcohol on C. elegans worms… Continue reading

Dog and Goat are Friends

  A California researcher has uncovered a secret love felt by a goat for a mixed-breed terrier, a revelation that has changed the lives of both creatures and caused a stir in their local… Continue reading

Dinosaur Toy Found After 70 Million Years

Paleontologists working in Alaska have uncovered the skeleton of a miniature Tyrannosaurus Rex, one of the earliest examples of a toy used to train and comfort young members of a species. The scientists,… Continue reading

The Abominable Snowman – He’s real and he’s fantastic

After decades of being relegated to the realms of B-movie horror flicks, and suffering the indignity of becoming code name for crack pot theories, the elusive Yeti of the Himalayas has been pinned… Continue reading

NASA Misses Alien Contact

An alien delegation passing Earth last week attempted to contact NASA, but found nobody listening. The delegation from Planet Auoile, or Kepler 62-f, in the Earth classification system, is on a fact finding… Continue reading

Surgeons Perform First Successful Imagination Transplant

In a first for medical science, surgeons at an American research hospital have successfully transplanted an imagination into a person who had previously been lacking this critical human function. Patient X, whose name… Continue reading

UK Researchers Scratch the Surface

Scientists from the UK have discovered life under Antarctica’s Lake Hodgson throwing the local community of Ice-Mermen into a tizzy. A team of researchers led by David Pearce of the British Antarctic Survey… Continue reading

Spy Stork Eaten by Nubians

Menes, the Hungarian stork detained by Egyptian officials for suspicion of espionage has been killed and eaten by villagers on an island in the Nile River. The stork had been arrested in August… Continue reading

Scientist Hides Super Power in Plain Sight

A mind controller has finally found a way to profit from his abilities without doing harm to others. Rajesh Rao has known that he had the ability to control other people’s movements with… Continue reading