Our Team

Editor in Chief:  Cyril H. Bettijean

Mmt. Bettijean has been editing fantastical news content for longer than anyone can remember.  He got his first editing job at Merlin’s View where he focused on potions and tinctures.  He is the author of 17 books including A Comprehensive Guide to Famous Daggers. and Shamar Blinked: The Real Cuban Missile Crisis.              

Personal Interest columnist:  Lynesse Rammiser

Lynesse was born into the royal Rammiser family, and was aged 3 during the Great Renunciation.  She was raised by a series of fosters in both the human and fantastical worlds.  Her well-known biography titled The Last Rammiser was ghost written by L. Thistlebrook.  She is an accomplished ultra-marathon runner, and enjoys rhino riding.

Sports Columnist:  Scoot McIntyre

Scoot was the premier Soomzaball prodigy of the past 50 years.  He was projected to break all noteworthy records in the sport until rupturing his patellar tendon in 2005.   Until recently he has written for The Lionhead Daily Press.  He lives in Poughkeepsie with his wife Joan, their twin boys Ian and Luke, their twin girls Macy and Adele, and their mongoose Riki.

Animal Correspondent:  Robin Ilwynog

Robin is a Fox who was born in the Swansea area of Wales.  He was the first non-human to graduate from the Sherwood School of Journalism, from which he earned top honors.  Throughout the 90s, Robin served as a freelance war correspondent in the Caucasus and North Africa.  He subsequently embraced his unique opportunity to gain access to Animal populations and has since become the premier source for information on those communities.

Science Writer:   The Ghost of Sir Isaac Newton

The singular scientist Isaac Newton died in London in March 1727.  His earthly remains were buried in Westminster Abbey save for a single tooth which housed a part of his spirit.  The ghost residing within the tooth is now regularly consulted on the scientific questions of the modern age.  The shade is also a well known connoisseur of cat videos on Youtube.