Honeybee falls short in quest for Fields Medal

A honeybee mathematician has fallen short in his quest for the Fields medal, prompting some to propose amending the rules for the prize to allow for more diverse representation. The Fields medal, considered… Continue reading

Scientists Cure Alcoholic Worms

University of Texas scientists have developed mutant worms incapable of becoming intoxicated by alcohol; impressing their colleagues and upsetting their lab specimens. The researchers tested the effects of alcohol on C. elegans worms… Continue reading

Dog and Goat are Friends

  A California researcher has uncoveredĀ a secret love felt by a goat for a mixed-breed terrier, a revelation that has changed the lives of both creatures and caused a stir in their local… Continue reading

Jeannie Plays Matchmaker for Ashton-Mila Romance

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are today’s most exciting celebrity couple, and they may just have another sitcom legend to thank for their budding romance. Clarinda Eif-Fern, the real life inspiration for the… Continue reading

Dinosaur Toy Found After 70 Million Years

Paleontologists working in Alaska have uncovered the skeleton of a miniature Tyrannosaurus Rex, one of the earliest examples of a toy used to train and comfort young members of a species. The scientists,… Continue reading

Pharmacist’s Spray Keeps the Monsters Away

A North Dakota pharmacist named Jeff Dodds and his daughter Josslyn, who work at Barrett Pharmacy in the Bakken oilfield boom town of Watford CIty have developed a monster repellent allowing young children… Continue reading

Football Spirits Drive Colts Comeback Over Chiefs

The Indianapolis Colts overcame a 28 point deficit on Saturday night to defeat the Kansas City Chiefs, an outcome driven by the Football Spirits’ determination that the Kansas City team was not worthy… Continue reading

Mandela Alien Interpreter Mistaken for Sign Language Fraudster

Nelson Mandela, the South African icon, was memorialized this week in a ceremony broadcast throughout the cosmos and simultaneously translated into Universal Handspeak, a performance that has been explained as a lone con-artist… Continue reading

Grand Canyon Fog Conceals Wild Horse Convention

A rare weather event that has thrilled tourists visiting Arizona’s Grand Canyon provided the necessary privacy coverage for the decennial meeting of North American wild horses held in the National Park earlier this… Continue reading

Preservation Hall Jazz Band Transports Apollo Theater

In the Preservation Hall Jazz Band’s first visit to the Apollo Theater in its fifty year history, the legendary ensemble transported the Harlem landmark and all of its inhabitants 1200 miles Southwest, to… Continue reading