Red Sox Try to Ride Beard Magic to World Series Title

They may look unkempt, but the secret to the Red Sox success may just come down to their facial follicles. The Sox are two wins away from their third title in a decade,… Continue reading

The Abominable Snowman – He’s real and he’s fantastic

After decades of being relegated to the realms of B-movie horror flicks, and suffering the indignity of becoming code name for crack pot theories, the elusive Yeti of the Himalayas has been pinned… Continue reading

Underwear Gnome Behind Yale Laundry Attacks

Students at Yale University have spent the start of the semester afraid to launder their clothing because of a shady character terrorizing residential driers. In at least four September incidents, students at the… Continue reading

NASA Misses Alien Contact

An alien delegation passing Earth last week attempted to contact NASA, but found nobody listening. The delegation from Planet Auoile, or Kepler 62-f, in the Earth classification system, is on a fact finding… Continue reading

Pirates Scoff at Russian Greenpeace Arrests

Thirty Greenpeace activists have been charged with piracy by Russia for a protest held on an oil rig, an accusation that the International Piracy Federation (IPF) says dilutes their brand. The charges stem… Continue reading

Dan Uggla’s Struggles Linked to Succubus

Three years ago, Dan Uggla was a rising Baseball star celebrating a multi million dollar contract. Today, the team that gave him that contract didn’t even leave a place for the former All Star… Continue reading

Government Shutdown Impacts Park Creatures

As the government shutdown comes closer to reality members of the National Park Critter Alliance (NPCA) grow ever more excited. A midnight deadline has just passed for Congress to pass a law funding the government.  Republicans in… Continue reading

FDA Delays Linked to Sleeping Dust

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has taken decades to provide guidelines for labeling of popular drugs such as Tylenol, with the delays attributed to a magical sleeping dust leak within the agency’s… Continue reading

Stowaway Leprechaun Helps Avert Nuclear Disaster

Recently declassified documents reveal that on January 23, 1961, a simple low voltage switch and an heroic leprechaun were all that stood between the eastern coast of the United States and a nuclear… Continue reading

Surgeons Perform First Successful Imagination Transplant

In a first for medical science, surgeons at an American research hospital have successfully transplanted an imagination into a person who had previously been lacking this critical human function. Patient X, whose name… Continue reading